The Simpsons – A Commentary on American Culture

No one could accept predicted that the awkward assets of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson on the account ball program, “The Tracey Ullman Show” would become an awfully accepted band hit a allotment of admirers of all ages and backgrounds. As the longest active activated alternation in the history of television, it is aswell one of the a lot of beloved. “The Simpsons” episodes are usually themed about accepted contest – even arguable capacity such as gay alliance and adoration in accessible schools. There is no such affair as anathema accountable amount on “The Simpsons.” Capacity on the appearance are handled with amusement that is analogously aimed at all ages, races, genders and religions.


Creator and controlling producer, Matt Groening is accustomed with bringing the action ball aback to prime time television with the accession of “The Simpson’s” alternation on Fox in 1989. Controlling ambassador James L. Brooks is an Emmy and Academy accolade acceptable biographer and ambassador of films that cover Terms of Endearment and As Good as it Gets. Al Jean is the third controlling ambassador and aswell arch biographer (Simpsons, 2006). As an absorbing little fact, agents writer, Daniel Chun is the adolescent brother of a boy this columnist anachronous in top school. Al Jean and Mike Scully are aswell two primary writers.

In accession to the hundreds of celebrity bedfellow stars who accept accurate assorted bright characters on the show, it is the choir of the capital characters that are irreplaceable and basic to the show’s connected success. Best accepted for dishing out the able-bodied timed “D’oh!” as Homer Simpson, Dan Castallaneta above Tracey Ullman casting member, is aswell Mayor Quimby, Grandpa Simpson and Groundskeeper Willie a allotment of others. Aswell a Tracey Ullman alumna, Julie Kavner lends her articulation to Marge Simpson and her two bearish Homer-hating, MacGyver obsessed, alternation smoker sisters Patty and Selma. Nancy Cartwright is the articulation of 10 year old Bart Simpson, additional Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz and Todd Flanders. Middle child, eight year old Lisa Simpson is portrayed by Yeardley Smith. Both Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer accommodate choir for dozens of Springfield’s memorable characters (Simpsons, 2006).

The Simpsons’ Lucrative Heyday

In its aboriginal to mid-‘90s celebrity days, “The Simpsons” was not abandoned at the acme of acceptance and ratings, but the appearance was raking in hundreds of millions in accountant artefact sales. Audiences couldn’t get abundant costly Homers that drooled “Mmmm… doughnuts” or array operated Barts exclaiming “Aye carumba!” at the advance of his belly, additional video games, apparel, home accoutrement and so abundant more. Bart’s bolt phrases which included “Don’t accept a cow man!” and “Eat my shorts” were heard everywhere. Along with the ratings, sales of Simpsons accountant items accept beneath in contempo years, but the writers’ and producers’ efforts to accumulate the appearance beginning and funny accept not gone disregarded by abounding admirers who accept remained loyal to the association of Springfield, USA.

A Window into Our Nation

The actuality that the appearance is set in an alien accompaniment indicates an accomplishment on the allotment of the writers to reflect American association all-embracing in anniversary episode. This has enabled the appearance to draw admirers from all over the country. For instance, a appearance like “Sex and the City” may accept an abnormally ample afterward of New York viewers, while “The Simpsons” with its anonymous ambience can address to all Americans. The two-story Simpson home on Evergreen Terrace carefully resembles a archetypal home in an American suburb – bare the circus-like adventurous colors.

The Capital Characters – the Simpson family

The appearance is based about the Simpson nuclear ancestors archetypal of two parents, 2.5 accouchement (Maggie could be advised the .5 because of her disability to talk) additional cats, Snowball I, II and III and rescued greyhound, Santa’s Little Helper. The ancestors anatomy and appearance personalities reflect acceptable American norms. While the Simpsons are rather dysfunctional, (as credible by one of the beforehand episodes area the ancestors went through shock analysis with Dr. Marvin Monroe to get through their issues), ultimately, we all accept problems, but at the end of the day, there is abundant adulation and adherence in a lot of families. This is of course, if you avoid the common displays of adolescent corruption area Homer chokes Bart until his eyes appendage out of his arch and the actuality that babyish Maggie seems to be frequently larboard home alone.

Devoted wife and mother Marge is a accolade to harder alive American moms. She is the heart, body and cement of the Simpson family. Unlike her husband, Marge does not accept any accompany or time to be amusing as she is too active disposed to her bedmate and kids. Homer, who has affluence of also-ran friends, is the bumbling fool of a bedmate and father. What he lacks in intellect, he makes up in beer burning at his admired watering hole, Moe’s Tavern. He is not consistently absolutely adherent to his ancestors and is generally egocentric and careless, but at the abutting of a lot of episodes, he does the appropriate affair – and that is area we see the spirit of the American father.

Bart is the mischievous, chargeless active oldest adolescent who stumbles on agitation everywhere, but, like his father, usually finds accretion and a activity assignment by the end of an episode. Lisa is the living, breath censor of the Simpson family. A able-bodied read, caring little babe who follows Buddhism and accepted events, Lisa can aswell beam with Bart at the abnormally abominable episodes of the cat and abrasion adversaries, Itchy and Scratchy. Babyish Maggie, while the aboriginal and quietest character, speaks volumes with the sucking of her pacifier. Writers accept consistently accustomed Maggie an accessible acumen and acquaintance that supersedes her adolescent age. She even has a uni-browed babyish nemesis.

Social Commentary

In accession to the Simpson ancestors axial characters, the appearance appearance dozens and dozens of Springfield association with different activity belief and memorable personalities, all of which represent the archetypal personalities a lot of of us will appointment in our lifetimes. For instance, our country is abounding with agee politicians and Mayor Quimby represents the ultimate base political figure. He is generally bent in compromising positions affairs out Springfield and antic with adolescent women, yet he charcoal in ability and no one in the boondocks seems to bat an eye. Once he even addresses the townspeople as “stupid hicks” and they are not phased by it.

Poking fun of the badge system, The Simpsons appearance Badge Arch Clancy Wiggum, conceivably the additional bigger antic on the appearance next to Homer. He is in allegation of Springfield’s assurance and abundance with his two side-kicks who beat Wiggum in intelligence. His applesauce is allegorical and the boondocks would be bigger off angry over to agitator cannibals with admission to weapons of accumulation destruction. Any badge arch who says “Aww, can’t anybody in this boondocks yield the law into their own hands?” may not be the a lot of able applicant for the job (Simpsons, 2006).

Value of the Elderly

The appearance aswell makes ablaze of the austere affair of aged neglect. Homer’s father, Grandpa Simpson, lives in the Springfield Retirement Castle. A retired war hero, Grandpa was actual harder on Homer in his youth. As conceivably a affectionate of hidden revenge, Homer put Grandpa in a home area his superior of activity is poor. It is bright that Grandpa and the added association are advised badly. His carelessness is credible if in one instance, Grandpa refuses to let Homer acknowledgment the buzz so that he can “savor the rings.” Yet Grandpa appears in abounding episodes as a vibrant, absorbing appearance who lends his unique, crotchety amusement to the show. Conceivably the writers are aggravating to allegorize that abounding aged still accept abundant to accord and should not be disposed of as nuisances.

Phil Hartman

The backward Phil Hartman of Saturday Night Live acclaim lent his articulation to two actual academic Simpsons characters: base advocate Lionel Hutz and advisory blur star, Troy McClure. Troy McClure would usually accomplish his access by adage something like “Hi, I’m Troy McClure! You may bethink me from such accessible account videos as ‘Designated Drivers, the Lifesaving Nerds’ and ‘Phony Tornado Alarms Reduce Readiness’” (Troymcclurepage, 2006). Troy was an exaggeration of a appearance abounding of us saw in our adolescence in conceivably hundreds of accessible academy films that rarely captivated any educational value.

Lawyer Lionel Hutz was an unethical, ambulance chasing, charlatan who generally al of a sudden appeared in a bearings area his acknowledged “expertise” may accept helped him accumulation somehow. His acknowledged convenance was alleged “I Can’t Believe it’s a Law Firm!” and offered admirers incentives such as a chargeless pizza if their settlements were not handled in 30 account or beneath (Lionel Hutz, 2006). Lionel’s appearance humorously embodied the average of the greedy, money acquisitive lawyer.


Many American agents are not adequately compensated for the important plan they do. Edna Krabappel represents this angle as Bart’s cynical, underpaid, underappreciated, overstressed fourth brand teacher. Bart is the affliction of Edna’s actuality typically, but occasionally the two adversaries see eye to eye. Janitors and aliment agents can aswell be disregarded for their plan in befitting schools active smoothly. Groundkeeper Willie is the boisterous Scotsman who is generally fabricated fun of by the kids of Springfield Elementary and accustomed the worst, a lot of abominable tasks apprehensible to do. They even accumulate him holed up in a tiny, begrimed shack. He is advised as a sub-par animal getting not aces of bigger and Willie’s acerbity is obvious. Academy bus disciplinarian and citizen stoner, Otto, is amenable for the lives of the acceptance at Springfield Elementary. He represents every parent’s affliction nightmare.

American Medicine and Insurance

Poking fun at the American medical and allowance system, the writers created Dr. Hibbert who brand to accomplish inappropriate jokes about his patients even if they are in actual bad shape. In a 2005 adventure he tells Homer, “The allowance aggregation says you’re as able-bodied as they’re gonna pay for.” This is consistently followed by his brand better-you-than-me chuckle. The admirers gets the faculty that he absolutely has little to no affair about his patients, but he absolutely profits from their misery. Addition contempo adventure dealt with the medical advantage crisis if Mr. Burns cut out decree biologic allowances for his advisers and anybody was affected to get their drugs in Canada.

Corporate Greed

Springfield Nuclear Ability Plant owner, Mr. Burns represents accumulated acquisitiveness and evil. He does not affliction about his employees, the ambiance that he is antibacterial (he is amenable for the actuality of the Springfield amulet Blinky, the three-eyed fish) or even his loyal and love-struck assistant, Waylon Smithers. Utterly thoughtless, and absolutely self-involved, he never remembers Homer Simpson’s name or who he is, admitting their abundant encounters. Admitting he is technically the a lot of able man in town, physically he is the weakest, a lot of breakable appearance in all of Springfield and relies on the barren efforts of Smithers to accumulate him going. So egocentric and ruthless, in one adventure he approved to block out the sun so that anybody would be abased alone on his power. This is conceivably affiliated to oil companies blocking the development and auction of a cleaner, safer activity antecedent for their own gain.

Bitter Adolescent Entertainer

Child entertainer, Krusty the Clown is admired by the accouchement of Springfield. He is the surly, blatant accurate brilliant of his own television appearance and buyer of the affection advance inducing fast aliment chain, Krusty Burger. One of his featured card items is alleged the “Whatchamacarcass” burger which pokes fun at the sub-standard abstruseness meat served at about all fast aliment chains. He is aswell the face abaft Krusty Flakes atom which boasts “It’s like a altogether block for breakfast.”

Though he Krusty is affluent and acknowledged as a aftereffect of peddling unhealthy, blubber announcement aliment and absorbing children, he is consistently miserable. Krusty can be compared to Pee-Wee Herman, addition adolescent amateur with adult-type issues. He acutely dislikes accouchement and puts on a affected smile in their presence. He about is not anxious about the abundance of his active followers – he is abandoned about the money, which is conceivably why he is usually so miserable. That and the actuality that his clergyman ancestor rejects him.


Ned Flanders, the Simpsons’ next aperture acquaintance and best of all things Christian is inarguably the a lot of moral man in Springfield. Even Preacher Reverend Lovejoy does not analyze to Ned. Homer generally ridicules and takes advantage of Ned, yet he consistently turns the added audacity and is consistently unrealistically cheerful. In an adventure from the a lot of contempo division that addressed adoration in accessible schools, Ned and Lisa affray over whether Darwin’s approach of change or “creationism” should be accomplished in school. In the end they appear to a peaceful agreement.

In ablaze of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl adventure a few years ago, The Simpsons featured a appearance area Ned and Homer teamed up to actualize their own Super Bowl halftime show. Their appearance acted out scenes from the bible. The army booed and jeered. It seemed as admitting the writers were adage that the Super Bowl admirers would not accept been annoyed with annihilation – be it Jackson’ apparent breast or on the adverse end, a religious display. Moral of the story, Americans are never happy.

And All the added Issues…

One could address a atypical on the added amusing situations and accepted contest the appearance so humorously addresses: gay relationships, adolescence obesity, antic colossal SUVs, academy bullying, adolescent neglect/abuse, alcoholism and so abundant more. The ability of “The Simpsons” is it tackles austere issues with a amusement that transcends the viewer’s appetite to feel offended. In added words, it helps Americans yield themselves a little beneath seriously.

It is this author’s assessment that as continued as the writers abide to chaff the antic apple contest so blithely as they accept for over 18 years, again The Simpsons still has abounding years of Homer’s arrested antics ahead.


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